Racial Description Edit

Ogres are huge and thickly-built, with the strength of many men. Though they are often seen with goblins, and share those creatures' fierce nature, they are not nearly as intelligent. Ogres make up for this with tremendous strength and fortitude. They are often seen wearing scraps of armour plundered from their kills, and prefer great clubs and hammers.

Gameplay Effects Edit

Average Lifespan Edit

The average ogre has the potential to live just as long as a human, though they often do not, due to their belligerent nature and aggressive disposition towards other races, and each other.

Ogres have a lifespan 70 to 100 years.

Dim-Witted Edit

Ogres have moderate difficulty learning new things, as a result of a lifetime of being hit on the head with blunt objects. Fortunately, ogres possess an incredible resistance to injury, and have not been totally handicapped with brain damage.

Ogres require 115% of the experience required by a human when advancing levels.

Initial Attributes Edit

Ogres have the following initial attributes, before modifiers:

Attribute Value
Strength 18
Dexterity 9
Agility 8
Health 16
Intelligence 7
Willpower 12
Charisma 6
Speed 53

Resistances Edit

Ogres have the following resistances to different forms of harm, before modifiers:

Resistance Type Value (negative values indicate a weakness)
Slash 0.05
Pierce 0.05
Pound 0.05
Heat 0.05
Cold 0
Acid 0.1
Poison 0
Holy -0.2
Shadow 0.15
Arcane -0.1
Lightning 0

Initial Skills Edit

Ogres start with the following values in their respective skills, before modifiers:

General Skills Edit

Skill Value
Carrying 10
Combat 15
Detection 10
Foraging 10
Hunting 15
Intimidation 15
Skinning 15
Tanning 10

Weapon Skills Edit

Weapon Skill Value
Bludgeons 9

Religion Edit

The ogric race has long been a patron of chaotic acts foul and corrupt. They execute horrid deeds, launch raids on innocent members of the civilized races, and commit vicious acts of terrorism upon any populace they come upon. Ogres are not content with peace, like any lawful being, or neutrality. Ogres instead breed conflict wherever they go, marking the coming of ogres as synonymous with war and death.

Ogres are able to worship Shiver, Urgoth, and Sceadugenga.

Recommended Classes Edit

As is evident by their excellent physical attributes, ogres make great candidates for all melee classes. A high strength score allows ogres to carry high-weight items such as armour, and carry the heavy bludgeoning weapons that they so favor as well. Ogres, remarkably, make competent mages as well. However, if playing a magical class as an ogre, one should be careful not to solely use magic, as you will run out of magic points quickly. Rather, one should use a mix of magic and melee, to weaken foes at range and bludgeon them to death with a staff in melee. Ranged classes, as opposed to magical and melee, present a problem for ogres. The low dexterity score inherent with an ogre provides a low accuracy score, which in turn means more arrows wasted, especially in the earlier levels. When playing an archer, an ogre will often find himself or herself out of arrows very quickly, and so should use a melee weapon to kill the weaker monsters, while using a ranged weapon to kill the more difficult ones you come across.